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Chiropractor speaks out on nutritional supplements:

Chiropractor Speaks Out on Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Tom Hendrickson shares the following: "I am a chiropractor who has had a successful private practice for twenty years. I specialize in soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.) My patients look to me not only for relief from their pain, but for guidance with their overall health.

As a health provider, I am inundated with catalogs from companies that offer a myriad of products for every known health deficit or challenge. I researched supplement companies that could provide my patients with the extra nutrition support they needed. My personal experience with Shaklee supplements convinced me that Shaklee was the product to carry in my office. I personally experienced a dramatic increase in vitality when I changed brands and started taking Shaklee supplements two years ago.

Time and time again, my patients thank me for introducing them to Shaklee supplements. My patients tell me that Shaklee Joint Health Complex is the best glucosamine product they have ever tried. I know this is true, as I can literally feel their cartilage becoming healthier as they use this product.

Incorporation of Shaklee has been a tremendous adjunct to my practice. It has given me the confidence to counsel my patients in a supplement program that I completely trust will improve their health. I strong recommend Shaklee products for all health professionals."

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Great analogy for business owners: What kind of tree is your business: papaya or oak?

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