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Chiropractor speaks out on nutritional supplements:

Chiropractor Speaks Out on Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Tom Hendrickson shares the following: "I am a chiropractor who has had a successful private practice for twenty years. I specialize in soft tissue injuries (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.) My patients look to me not only for relief from their pain, but for guidance with their overall health.

As a health provider, I am inundated with catalogs from companies that offer a myriad of products for every known health deficit or challenge. I researched supplement companies that could provide my patients with the extra nutrition support they needed. My personal experience with Shaklee supplements convinced me that Shaklee was the product to carry in my office. I personally experienced a dramatic increase in vitality when I changed brands and started taking Shaklee supplements two years ago.

Time and time again, my patients thank me for introducing them to Shaklee supplements. My patients tell me that Shaklee Joint Health Complex is the best glucosamine product they have ever tried. I know this is true, as I can literally feel their cartilage becoming healthier as they use this product.

Incorporation of Shaklee has been a tremendous adjunct to my practice. It has given me the confidence to counsel my patients in a supplement program that I completely trust will improve their health. I strong recommend Shaklee products for all health professionals."

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Great analogy for business owners: What kind of tree is your business: papaya or oak?

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Free document to help you know what nutrients your body might be missing as seen by symptoms like acne, asthma, etc.

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Here is a little known reason as to why we need to get moving more & a simple idea to accomplish it.

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Exciting news: I did my first guest post at - the importance of recording our stories!

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Tips to get kids to take their vitamins (applicable to other desired behaviors too)

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Get Google Ranking in 24 Hours (Just a Plugin called SEOPressor)

How SEOPressor Can Save Your Optimization Time Immensely

SEOPressor is a tool that is used by people all over the world for their on-page optimization needs. Simply put, this is a program that can definitely elevate the standard of your website, in the manner that it helps your website reach out on the Internet. The simple logic here is that if your website can reach out to more people, it will have more business, and that’s exactly what SEOPressor helps you achieve. As you get even the top position on Google within your niche—which is something that SEOPressor has achieved time and again—it becomes very a given that your business prospects are only going to improve. Seeing is believing, so watch what it can do.

The one fact is—you are going to optimize your website in some way or the other, with or without a software application. But if you are planning to do things manually, the big drawback is that you won’t get the time to pursue your main business itself. SEO is a highly time-consuming activity, and you will find yourself wasting a great deal of time in blogging, marketing with articles, submitting to directories, sending emails to other webmasters for sharing links with them and so on.

Naturally, these things are going to take a lot of your time. Now just think—if you would just delegate all this work to a tool like SEOPressor, won’t you be saving some immense amount of time? Time that you could better use in increasing your business?

Probably it is this thought that is making a lot of people invest in SEOPressor today.

Time-consuming things that SEOPressor can do for webmasters:-

1. It finds out the hottest keywords on the Internet and tells you how you can use them. It keeps monitoring the keywords and continuously makes suggestions. It also tells you what density you should use the keyword in and what special formatting you need to keep it. All these things could be very time-consuming if done manually.

2. The program also looks at the tags you have used and makes suggestions on how to improve prospects. It makes suggestions on which tagging formats should be used—H1, H2 or H3—and carries it out by itself.

3. If you run a blog, SEOPressor will look at your individual posts and suggest changes if anything is wrong. It also tells you the value of each of your existing posts.

So, it is not just about optimizing your on-page needs but it is also about actually suggesting changes. The program is quite faithful to you; like an obedient animal it will do your bidding and improve the chances of your website on the Internet.

This SEOPressor plug-in is one that you want to check out as soon as possible. Check out a quick video on all it can do for you, and learn what you can from it. Let me know what plugins are your favorites too for SEO optimization.

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Want to get healthy hair the smart way? Learn the chemicals that should not be in your hair care products!

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Learn this insightful key to creating positive interactions & 5 ways to implement it!

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Have you considered the healing power of the sun? Here are 4 benefits along with a great story.

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Exercise influences learning by improving the brain's ability to attend to & process new information. It activates the frontal cortex.

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Grand Opening of Amy Hagerup's New Blog

I am excited to redirect you to my new Your Health is Your Wealth with great tips for a healthy body, a healthy home by using non-toxic products, healthy emotions with lots of ideas for inspiration, and healthy finances. Come and check it out and sign up for a free report on Nine Signs of Inadequate Nutrition (learned from an orphan) and receive regular email updates. See you over there. Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by.

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Passionate about Good Health!

I am passionate about good health. There are many facets to good health which I believe include physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, financial health, and even environmental health.

At this blog, I want to share my passion for good health in many of these areas. You will get to know me, my international family and heartbeat, and my love for the Lord and for people. I love photography and sharing the stories they tell, so you will get to know that about me too. Hey - is there such a thing as photography health?

I would love to interact with you as well so send me your tips and links and heartbeat as we journey through this life together. I believe that our health truly is our wealth. After all, if we don't have good health, what does a fat bank account do for us?

Here's to your health! Your new friend, Amy Hagerup